Lit-Cube Unboxing: Limited Edition Gilmore Girls Box


Ok, so I have been a HUGE Gilmore Girl’s fan since Season 1, Episode 1.  I have watched the show from beginning to end more than once, and have even had my husband watch it all the way through making him a fan of the show as well.  That being said, when Lit-Cube announced that they were doing a limited edition Gilmore Girls box, I COULD NOT WAIT!!! Lit-Cube’s regular monthly subscription boxes never disappoint, so I knew that they would do this box justice, so I HAD to have one!  For those of you that do no know what Lit-Cube is, it’s a monthly subscription box that gets delivered straight to you and it’s like a little box of Christmas for book lovers ever month!  Each box is filled with a readable, a wearable, and an eatable, and then includes a few other things to fit the monthly theme.  Each month’s theme since I’ve joined has been amazing (time travel, Wonderland, the year of the dragon, Roaring 20’s, etc) and the box is always well over what you pay for it ($35).  For anyone interest, I will put the link to their website below.

Ok, so lets talk about this amazing box and it’s amazing contents!  I loved everything in this box, though I can’t actually attest for the taste of the Go Cubes yet as I haven’t eaten them, but here’s a breakdown of the contents:

  • Readable: Belzhar by: Meg Wolitzer (valued at $17.99)  The book sounds really interesting.  I wasn’t exactly sure how this book tied into the Gilmore Girls theme, but it was actually explained on the packing card that the chose the book because of Rory’s love for Sylvia Plath.  Apparently in Belzhar, the students take a class that focuses entirely on the works of Sylvia Plath.
  • Wearable: Exclusive Gilmore Girls T-Shirt (valued at $19.99)  The shirt reads Gilmore girls.  It’s a Lifestyle, It’s a religion.  I love the shirt.  It’s adorable.
  • Snackable: Go Cubes (valued at $2.95) These appear to be gummy cubes and stated that 2 cubes are the equivalent to 1 cup of coffee (100 MG of caffeine).  I received a pack of 4 in my box, though I’m not sure what flavor I got.  They come in plain coffee, mocha, and latte.
  • Extras:
    • Exclusive Luke’s Diner Mug (valued at $14.95)  Luke and his diner play such a central role in Gilmore girls, so the box would be incomplete without something Luke!
    • Exclusive Dragonfly Inn Towel Set (valued at $19.99)  These are too cute.  I’m afraid to put them in my kitchen for fear of the hubby using them and ruining them.  lol.
    • Exclusive Stars Hollow Pin Set (valued at $9.99) This set offers a little bit of everything for any true Gilmore Girl Fan!!!
    • Exclusive Rory Pro/Con Notepad (valued at $5.99) Ok, pro/con lists are the easiest way to narrow down your answer to Yes or No.  It doesn’t matter what the question/topic is.  I’ve been using this method my whole life!  Now I have an adorable notepad to write it on.
    • Exclusive No Cellphones! 5X7 Art Print (valued at $6.95)  It wouldn’t be a Gilmore Girls box without Luke’s No Cellphones! sign!

So as you can see, this box was definitely WELL worth the $35 I paid for it, as it quickly added up to being worth over $98 of goodies inside!!! Not every box is worth close to $100, but I can definitely say that every box I’ve gotten was $50+ in contents.  Lit-Cube is honestly the best subscription box I’ve gotten, and their customer service is amazing.  They started as a Kickstart just over a year ago, and they are amazing at what they do.  If you are interested, I’ll include the link just below this paragraph.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me and I will answer them as best I can, or check out their FAQ section on their website.  You can order single boxes, or subscribe to a monthly subscription.  They have a regular Book Box as well as now a monthly Gilmore Girls box, due to the popularity of this limited edition box, though be aware that the Gilmore Girls box will not always include a book.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

Again, if you are interested in Lit-Cube you can visit their site HERE.

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